About us


Women without bags are like ... almost naked .... 😀  

and we need more bags, not just a one! 

!Welcome to Radka Fashion store!

Who am I?

My name is Radka and I am passionate about colorful bags and linings that could accompany me for many years so I started my own company Radka Fashion in 2015.

I have a small team who creates and ships our products from my small atelier in Prague with a focus on:

Quality: I promise you will find our bags so comfy and pretty that you won't to take them off your shoulder :)

Originality: Each product is an original and handmade in our studio with colorful and durable linings

Customisation: You can have your own bag with an application or text or your logo


Why choose me?

Well we love to create colorful products for you, we are also focused on a super service, you can message anytime if you need any help. 🤗


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