✨ You can celebrate with me!!! 🥂

✨ You can celebrate with me!!! 🥂


if you already have a Radka Fashion BAG !!!

( If not you can order one before the price increases soon …🎒 💼 😉)

You now are a proud owner of the bags that own not just Kim Kiyosaki or Charlie Sheenbut you are also an owner a Bag that were showcased in Paris on the most famous Fashion Week of the World the FASHION WEEK PARIS!


I am so happy that I have been chosen for the first time on the most wonderful and famous Fashion Week of the world into the mekka of fashion … PARIS 2022


I had 10 looks for my bags, everything was in a hurry because I decided to apply very late and I received an answer just three weeks before the beginning of the show.

I bought fabrics for dresses, my seamstress sewed very simple good looking dresses that match with bags, we also sewed some new bags. We literally finished everything two days before my departure to Paris.

My suitcase was heavy, exactly 23kg. I had to run with this heavy suitcase, my backpack and one more travel bag through Paris from a subway to the hotel because it was a pedestrian zone. It was a very heavy gym exercise for me. 😅

To the show I rather took an Uber. I spent the whole day on a wonderful place on Champs Elysées. My bags were presented by Top Models who also work for Chanel, Dior, Hermes etc.

It was an amazing experience. I never saw before what everything must be done before the show starts.

When I arrived home I slept for 10 hours! 😂


WATCH VIDEO Radka on Fashion Week PARIS

Have a wonderful week!


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