Horse Race RADKA FASHION in Prague

Horse Race RADKA FASHION in Prague

From my childhood I like horses, nature and all animals actually. When I was a child I went with friends to have a look on horse races in Prague and I didn't surmise I will be back one day as an owner of my own race ... 

After many years I came back as a horse's supporter and except a financial support I also donated my handmade backpack for the race winner. 

I didn't know who will be a winner... a woman? ...  a man? So I had ready two kinds of prices. One woman's backpack with hand painted horse head and for man I had a men's cross bag.

It was a special Lady Day, the whole day was focused on women. Each woman got a welcome drink, there were many stands with beautiful products for women.

I also had a stand with my products there, I met lots of amazing people, weather was good, not too hot and. not too cold. The race ambience war super. I also tried to bet on a horse but unfortunately my horse didn't win.



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