Contemporary Art Ruhr in Essen

Contemporary Art Ruhr in Essen

Who knows it too? A never ending story of fighting with social media, blogs and writing in all possible and impossible places. For me it's almost a nightmare because I decided to write in English even a few years ago I didn't speak this language and I needed a translator for almost all texts. So you can imagine it's a kind of challenge for me.

I didn't believe it before you can meet very interesting opportunities and people on social media when you are konsequent. Thank social media I have met lots of great people, new ways for collaboration and also in September I have met an amazing woman with her I collaborate now and I am very happy I could attend the only one big ART exhibition in Germany this year. 

leather backpack art deasign blue handmade

Thank to this beautiful woman Rusa Makowski I could introduce my designs to another audience, to the art lovers in the beginning of November. Under the influence of the pandemic ...yes some people were scared, some people didn't make it in the time frame they had for the exhibiton, they just had two hours. 

Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen

But even the conditions were harder as usually I find the exhition very succesfull because I could meet very interesting people therecand to start a new collaboration.

Contemporary Art Ruhr, leather bags, lederrucksack

And how did our last day looked like? We got friends and already working on our next trips.... :) 


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